Monday, September 6, 2010

The Challenge of Teaching (part I)

There's a great challenge in being a teacher.  You have to find a way to present the lessons you were taught faithfully, but still adapting them to the needs of the students today.  And their ability to understand them...

That's one of the big challenges for a teacher.  I can take a brand new student, and try to teach them to the level that I'm currently at.  I can try to teach them all the nuances and elements that have taken me decades to learn, acquire, and assimilate.  Of course, that means that the student will take many hours to learn even a single punch...  And a lot of students just don't have that sort of patience.

Or, I can try to give them enough to get them started... without overwhelming them, and recognizing that it won't be perfect.  Now, they'll learn that first punch -- and maybe several -- in a single lesson... but there'll still be a lot of work to do.  And sometimes, the students develop an "I already know this" attitude when you revisit and refine the material.

In my classes, I try to find a balance.  I try to teach a student a couple of punches and a couple of blocks in their first lesson.  I make it clear that they're not "learned" yet, that there's lots more to refine, too.  But I'm also trying to give them enough tools to join the regular class...

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